Monday, 13 May 2013


Hey guys!

I was preparing to write some back up posts (since this week is crazy full again) and I realised that I actually hadn't let you know about my latest obsession..blogs.I keep myself updating on all the larger beauty and fashion blogs with Bloglovin',personally.
Betcha didn't know that you can get all of my blog post updates via Bloglovin' too,eh? It's much more simple than having to do the old slog around google.It's quick,easy to navigate and honestly,you'll never miss a trick this way.Also,it's 100% free.

Free is my favourite number.

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Saturday, 11 May 2013

Legend of Zelda I-Look Tutorial Ideas.

Hey beautiful people! 

Today I'm bringing you some eyeshadow designs that I've dreamt up.I really wanted to put my own nerdy spin on them,so I took inspiration from the characters in Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess.I created Zelda and Midna's on a different day to Link.
I greatly enjoyed being able to use colours which would otherwise be impossible to incorporate into daily looks ( Ie : Bright toxic red.) I should be making these into video tutorials for my *channel* asap. :)

The Looks.

For Princess Zelda,I wanted to make sure it kept the strong yet celestial aura that she has.I knew pink and purples were necessary but I really felt like I needed to get a pop of bright blue also.Gold was a given at the crease.I love the gradient the colours have created.

Link's look was much more simple in theory,an ombre of green shades,ending with some basic matte brown shadow.I left it free from mascara but added a touch of black liner and gilded the top edge with a true gold for a more striking,cut-through appearance.

Midna's character is a personal favourite of mine and a bit of an obsession at the moment.Her I-Look was built up to represent her harsh outer appearance (Shown through the dramatic black wing) and her much more softened,but still extremely vibrant,inner self.I love the transition from red to dark jade at the inner portion of the eye.Midna's is slightly less refined than the other two but still fairly elegant,presentation wise.

So that's what I've got so far,I still plan to make Link's in Wolf form,Ganondorf,the Zoras and I may possibly include Epona.

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Monday, 6 May 2013

Clone Wars? Thoughts On Cosmetic Ripping.[Language Warning]

Well..they've done it again!

It takes quite a lot for me to write up an entire blog post about one subject such as this,but I was amazed when I really looked,to see just how many companies were clearly taking ideas from others and still sticking their brand on the front! I do have a few examples to show you,then I'll elaborate more on them.

First off,this was a pretty recent case.A couple of months ago,Revlon released a new foundation with the name "Nearly Naked".It claimed to be a light coverage foundation.
A few months previous to this,however,Urban Decay came out with their NAKED Basics Palette and years before that was the original NAKED Palette.I was slightly shocked when I saw this..

<--Look familiar? -->

Just..what is that all about? Scary right? But maybe that's just one company.A slip under the radar?


The next are two nail polish collections that look way too alike for it to be a simple co-incidence.Essie has been producing their polishes in little embossed glasses for ages..then within the last month,MUA brings out their new line.Take a look.

Essie is on the left,MUA on the right.

Incredibly,MUA didn't even have the good sense to put their brand name on the opposite side of the bottle after they stole the idea.Even with the exact same white cap.They flipped the name so that it lies to the right subtle of them (Sarcasm intended.).

One other incident that I'd like to present,is that of the original Revlon Lip Butters and Maybelline's latest subsequent answer to these,the Colour Whispers.Not only did they take the idea of the product,but they put it in almost exactly the same style of packaging.Revlon to the left,Maybelline on the right.

 There it is.Same rectangular    shape,same oval lip product,same metal swivel top,same semi-see through lid..same everything!


Maybe it's just a strange little part of myself,but all of this bugs me.Make your own damn ideas,brands! We buy your crap for a reason.And don't take us all for fools either,some of us can see past your un-originality.

These are just a few of the most prominent ones out there on the market.There are tons more! Take Sigma and Sedona Lace for instance.The thing is,we put our trust in brands to come up with cool new products for us to use.It's also degrading for the original company,I mean I'd be pretty fucked off if I saw someone parading around,advertising a new product or new packaging that -I'd- thought up and taken the time to develop.

It's not like brands do it for the's just that they wish they'd thought of it first.I'm not even implying that these secondary products don't work or aren't good.

I don't know,maybe it's just me being ranty,like I said.Does it ever get on your nerves to see stuff like this?

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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Real Techniques Limited Edition Duo-Fiber Collection.

Hi all! 

I caught Pixiwoo's video a couple of weeks ago,something about a new line of duo-fiber brushes coming out.Though they're due to appear in Boots tommorow (May 5th) I managed to pre-order from iHerb and so I'm bringing you this review!

As with all of the RT brushes,they're made from 'ultra soft taklon bristles' for a 'pixel perfect finish'.I trust this brand to do a good job with their brushes,they've never let me down thus far! The box is the same as all the other RT brush sets,excluding the usual brush holder/pouch/travel bag.I wasn't too fussed on the absence of another anyway,since my other three already fit most of my entire brush collection on their own.

All of the brushes sport black and white handles.I'm not a fan personally,but I can understand the look they were trying to create.

As displayed on the box,these are Limited Edition.I'm unsure how they're using the term 'limited edition' though,since  many LE products in the past have remained available for a considerable amount of time before discontinuation.

The collection comes with three brushes total,here's a break down :

   The duo-fiber Face Brush - A fairly dense brush in terms of Duo-Fiber.It's large and would be great for powder.It is extremely soft and is shaped like a paddle.This brush has a clenched ferrule which means it is pretty flat on both sides.

The duo-fiber contour brush - This one's a little gem.It's size means it would be perfect for apply blush,bronzer and highlighter.Like the Face Brush,it's dense and packed with lush bristles.Because the brush is synthetic,it will work in favour of cream products also.

The duo-fiber eye brush - My least favourite,but still effective.The problem I have with this brush is that it's simply too prickly.I feel like the bristles have been cut too harshly with this one.It works well to move product though due to the density,but I just can't use this on my eye - this one will be put into the highlighter category until I can find out how to soften it.

Overall,I feel that this collection is worth the money simply for the first two brushes.The last one was a bit of a fail,but oh well.We win and lose some.Maybe I got a dud batch of eye brushes or it just needs breaking in? 

So that all for the brushes,will you be looking out for this collection in the shops?

x ~ x

Saturday, 4 May 2013

{Strictly Swatches} Sleek Blush-By-3 Palette : Pumpkin.

Another blush palette from the Sleek Blush-By-3 line,featuring gorgeous bright shades.


                              Left to Right :
  Lantern,Squash,Pumpkin Pie.

Left to Right : Lantern,Squash,Pumpkin Pie.

x ~ x