Thursday, 19 February 2015

What should I keep in my make-up kit?

A friend of mine messaged me this morning,enquiring as to what she should keep in her standard make-up kit. Raring for the challenge of compiling a list (don't judge,I love making lists. Just me? Thought so.) I narrowed my basics down to a simple,easy to follow list with no specific brands involved. I decided I may as well share it here too!

I chose not to include brands here because quite frankly,nothing works for everyone universally. If you find something that works for you,please do share in a comment!

Here goes. My basic kit list. 

-Foundation in your tone,a darker one aswell if you tan.
-Concealer ( as above)
-Powder,translucent or your tone but no lighter or darker
-Eyeshadow palettes of your choosing,include shades to compliment your eye colour (see the colour wheel for complimentary shades)
-Brow wax and powder OR pencil,& spoolie for shaping them
-Eyeshadow and face primers (I find silicone based the best)
-Liquid liner in black. -Mascaras in black & brown,volumising OR lengthening dependant on your lashes. -Kohl liner in black & brown,can include fun shades for a pop of colour.
-Matte vanilla highlight pigment/powder & shimmery white/pearl highlight pigment/powder (multi-use)

-Bronzer to suit your tone,if desired.
-Lipsticks in a range of shades. -Lip liners,if desired,in a range of shades. -Lip gloss - as above.
-Blushes in a range of colours,one bright pink and medium peach tone at least.
-Lip balms to suit preference and lip condition. 

Brushes & Other Tools

-Foundation buffing brush/sponge applicator (ie: 'Beauty Blender' type product)
-Concealer brush with a dome tip/sponge applicator.
-Fluffy blending brushes. -Dense,packed flat eyeshadow brush. (for shadow and pigment application) -Short smudging brush. -Pencil brush. -Angled liner brushes.
-Tapered powder/blush brush. -Rounded blush brush.
-Fine lip brush. -Fine liner brush.
-Eyelash curlers. -Good quality tweezers.

Hopefully this list is easy enough for anyone to follow. I wanted to make it simple and tangible,but most of all,realistic. Not everyone has the budget for expensive finishing powders or crazy pigment stacks so I left those out of this list. There's plenty of room for improvements and additional products here as well.

Stick by this list though,and it won't do you much wrong!

Sayonara,chums! :)

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  1. I actually love posts/lists like this as someone who never really got into makeup when everyone else did. It gives me a good idea of what other kinds of just basic makeup there are, being someone who only ever really uses mascara, lipstick, and sometimes powder.