Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Blessed Samhain & Happy Hallowe'en!

This post will be short,but I think it's nessecery.I wanted to wish everyone a very happy Hallowe'en tonight! Have a frightfully good evening with whatever you happen to be up to..whether that be trick or treating,parties or simply staying in with a good scary movie.
I shall resume to post some more reviews and things throughout November as it commences,and since I can no longer film,it will be good to get into a routine until Christmas comes around!

Anyway,that's pretty much all.I will be dressing up as the Joker tonight,which I'm looking forward too,and having carved pumpkins already I think I'm all set!
Here's some photos that I'll leave you with.Happy Hallowe'en! <3

An evil pair this year!

 My designated costume!!

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