Sunday, 7 October 2012

Life is Hectic.But there is Hope.

Hey guys..firstly,I'm sorry.
It's been over a month.I'm a very bad Blogger indeed,feel free to smack my hand.But life has been very busy and I've had a rollercoaster of a time lately.Things change so quickly sometimes that it's hard to keep up and know where you are.

College is really good so far though,since I switched courses and took a Level 2 Beauty Therapy route.It's alot of fun,with alot more freedom too.

I had stopped posting on my Youtube channel for about a week,due to some upsetting circumstances,but I've planned everything meticulously and I'm ready now to get back into the internet game,having pre-recorded a couple of vids to put up.On another note,I hit 2000 views on my channel..I don't think I could have been happier to see that,when I woke up one morning last week.I know it probably doesn't seem like alot of views,but it means the world to me.Thank you so much for your support.If you haven't already checked out my channel,here it is :

I hope you enjoy the videos.

Anyway,I've got plans.Figured on doing a Vlogtober segment,where I will vlog my daily life every two days and then post,alongside all my regular videos.Hoping to get back to Blogging too..

Keep your eyes peeled on my Youtube channel for a review on some beautiful nail polishes,sent to me by some dear friends.

Stay awesome,lovelies.
x ~ x

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