Saturday, 22 November 2014

Review : Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Crayons.

Me again,back with a short review of some exciting beauty finds from the drugstore. 

Although I'm not best familiar with the entire line of Maybelline lip products,something drew me to the sleek packaging of these crayon-shaped lip pencils. I picked up three shades in the range - 

Berry Much : A typical 'berry' shade with intense pigment.
Keep It Classy : A warm antique pink.
Essential Red : A basic and clean cherry red.
All three shades dry down to a satin finish with sheen.

Now,don't get me wrong,I love the packaging,but it can make application a tad bit messy and uncontrolled. I find touching up with a lip brush to be the best option. I like that Maybelline opted to put colour codes on the outer pencil as well,which helps a lot when choosing a shade.

For some reason,my instant reaction was thus : 'Surely they'll wear down in no time at all!'. It seems I was wrong - I've worn 'Berry Much' around 3-4 times now and the tip doesn't seem to show many signs of wear at all,minus a little bit of 'smoothing' around the edges. Hopefully this means I won't have to bust out the mega sharpener any time soon!

I love the finish and the wear time of these lip crayons,which last until I take them off at the end of the day. I find I have to touch up,lightly,after eating. Drinking only seems to take off a tiny amount of product too. 

Berry Much,Red Essential,Keep It Classy

I would strongly recommend a pre-exfoliation and lip balming before applying these as they can be slightly unforgiving. Regardless,if your lips are of the 'normal' variety (no significant dehydration or chapping troubles),you should fare just fine. These are great for layering too,I used Dior's Vie d'Enfer fluidstick over Red Essential and used it to create the most beautiful glossy red lip.

Each pencil cost a neat £4.99 on Superdrug right now - will you be picking any up?

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  1. I have a couple of these lip pencils, they're fab, and they're at a fair price too! Berry Much looks like a great colour for autumn & Red Essential must become part of my permanent makeup collection!
    Don't worry about YouTube my dear, it'll still be there when you're less busy and your subbies will understand. Big hugs xxx