Tuesday, 13 August 2013

bareMinerals Natural LipColor - Parfait/Spiced Raisin & Plum Brulee.

Hello,beautiful humans!

How are you doing? Today I'm bringing you an indepth review of the bareMinerals Natural LipColor lipsticks.I put this review off as much as I could due to my lips being slightly sore as of late (must be the weather again!) but here it is.

I bought three shades,two of which came as a kind of 'set'.

Parfait - A warm terracotta pink leaning toward subtle hints of mauve with gold shimmer.Counterpart to Spiced Raisin.

Spiced Raisin - A wine-burgundy shade,appearing more brown-toned on the lips.Contains golden micro-shimmer particles.Counterpart to Parfait.

Plum Brulee - Strikingly red-toned plum with rich,brick undertones.Strong silver and gold micro-glitter.A great christmas colour.

Parfait - Spiced Raisin - Plum Brulee.

First off,the packaging is pretty plain but it feels neither cheap nor tacky.I get a distinct luxury feel to these lipsticks since they're very weighty.bareMinerals did well by printing the names on the bottom,along with an visually accurate coloured sticker for each one.I'm rather fond of the names of the lipsticks too.

Now I make no jokes when I say - these lipsticks are frosty as heck! I didn't actually know this until I got them on my lips and though it works in some of their favour,the frost finish is not for everyone.Be wary.

These lipsticks are creamy,as well as moisturising.As for the finishes,they look nice when it comes to Plum Brulee and Parfait..Spiced Raisin is a different story.I'm not keen at all on the frosty brown shade.It's a shame,since I love the colour but this one will probably be given away or kept for theatrical makeups.

The lipsticks are great in formula and they last a fair old while too (around 3 hours with no touch-ups).

                                                                                                             Top : Plum Brulee.
      Top : Spiced Raisin.
        Bottom : Parfait.

One last thing to mention about these lipsticks is the scent.It's an incredibly weird smell..and not exactly pleasant.I'd describe it as a kind of 'chemical-fruit' scent.Like a citrus perfume on crack,in a bad way.

If you can get over the smell,which I understand can be very annoying for many people,these lipsticks are nice products.I bought mine at half off during their sale,so I didn't pay full price.In my opinion,are they worth the full price of £14.00 each? 

In short,no.

For a slightly lower price tag,I'd consider them worth it.But they are most definitely not equal in quality to the MAC lipsticks,or even some drugstore lipsticks.I like these,but I doubt they'll become my most reached for.If you're a frost fanatic,you'll love these.

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