Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Nails For Sale!

It's not what it looks like,I promise.

Painting false nails to stick on a board is so much fun - in a watching-paint-dry kind of way.Ironic,huh? Still,it must be done! Who knew Pukka Pie boxes could be so resourceful,a slap of paper on the back and it looks awesome.I had to glue the nails on using PVA.Messy time for me!

So why,I hear you ask,Oh why Amy..would you be sticking painted nails to a piece of cardboard?
It's all in the name of business.Setting up my mini service is proving to be great fun indeed.I love the buzz already! I'll be providing a door-to-door service (including childrens parties and spa parties) doing professional-looking nail art and all for simple donations!

What better way to get me out of the house,than to do something I love..with the possibility of a return? :)
The finished board,ready for customer scrutiny! xD

By the way,my new video is up guys!  HERE <3 Like and Sub :)

Love you!

x ~ x

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