Sunday, 6 January 2013


Okay,so I forgot to put a few things into a haul video I filmed today - 

Namely,a couple of NYX eyeshadows and a nail polish which (midway through filming) I couldn't find.The good news is,I found that sneaky nail polish.

And now I have some pictures for you! Kind of a mini review,cos I absolutely adore all of the things I'm about to show you.I'll start off with the eyeshadows.

From NYX cosmetics ( I got two of the single eyeshadows in shades ES64 and ES142 - ''Jungle Fever'' and ''Dune''.First off,love the names..very creative :3

                   Dune to the left,Jungle Fever on the right.                                Jungle Fever left,Dune right.

I absolutely adore the colours I bought..really happy with the quality of pigmentation too.They're almost creamy to the touch.Dune is a beautifully rich taupe/grey shade with a high amount of shimmer for it's colour.Jungle Fever sits pretty as a luscious,light 70's blue colour but with all the iridescence of sunbeams on rippling ocean waves!

Next to the nail polish from the Hunger Games Collection from China Glaze.Mine is in "Riveting" and is a vibrant orange shade with maximum shimmer and sparkle! I love how buildable this colour is.

 Modelled on my unattrative,nervously bitten nail!

All of these little tidbits are great and I'm overjoyed with these purchases.

Do you have any of the China Glaze nail polishes or NYX single eyeshadows? What do you think?

x ~ x

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