Sunday, 22 September 2013

| Autumn |

Hey everybody! 
Guess what day it is?!

September 22nd

Which means -

Are you as excited as I am? Good! I've got plenty of exciting autumnal makeup posts,as well as Halloween tutorials and fun little tid-bits coming your way,both here and on my Youtube channel.I'm planning to do an updated makeup collection video within the next week as well,so stay tuned!

Since it'll be getting colder from here on out,I may also include some clothing-type posts too (warm knitted scarves,patterned hats,woolly gloves etc). Though I don't consider myself a fashionista,I quite enjoy things like that myself,around this time of year.

Don't you just love the turning leaves?

x ~ x

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  1. I can't wait for the leaves to turn a little darker next month when I can get my hands on MAC's Cranberry! It just so happens to be my birthday that month too. Joking aside I have to agree - Summer isn't really for me. I love Autumn and early spring the most. I adore winter but is is just so damn expensive in our house!

    Fi xoxox