Saturday, 2 February 2013

Shopping Spree **IMPORTANT UPDATE**

I ordered the one of the newest of two palette's from Urban Decay last night and I'm buzzing for it's arrival - that's right,the famed Theodora palette.I'm so excited for the rich shades.Expect a full in-depth review of that upon receiving it! Along with the NAKED Basics palette and an Urban Decay Primer Potion,the whole thing came to just under £65.00,which I think is pretty good.I used the promo code "YC72" and got 10% off to boot,with free shipping on Debenhams! Hope this helps anyone wanting to grab some new goodies! :D

I'm still up in arms on whether to bite the proverbial bullet and get the Glinda palette too.Stand by for a decision on that one. xsparkage's review on the Theodora palette is what sold me.

I'll make sure to keep an update on those things and I'm looking forward to making a new video on Sunday.My last video can be seen here. - :)

Have an epic day!

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Hey everyone,it's rare for me to update on the day I got this post up,without having even advertised it's existence on my Facebook page ( but I felt it was vital.Today I had a slight problem with my order,one of the items being "unfulilled" with Debenhams,so I called up the customer service line and got it sorted.Everything was tickety-boo with the guy.He was nice as could be.After finishing the call I went on a little nosey to the Debenhams Facebook page and found,to my horror,tens of people complaining about the bad service they were getting from Debenhams in the past couple of days/weeks.

Customers were complaining and getting no real answers to their questions.One massive,deceitful failure was the misadvertisement of a skin product by Elemis on their website. - A duo of products claiming to contain 30ml each,when in actuality,they contained 15ml each,adding up together to a total amount of product: 30ml.Customers had bought this product,thinking they were getting a good amount,when they were being essentially conned.

Now,I'm not sure whether this was an admin error - a typo,or some kind of mistake.I wouldn't care if it was,as long as Debenhams took responsibility,said sorry to those customers,refunded or swapped products back and then proceeded to remove the falsely advertised product.

But no.They did not do ANY of those things,bar one.Some people are in the process of being refunded,other than that..nothing.Debenhams are neither taking responsibility for their problem or even facing it for that matter.Posts have been removed by the company on their Facebook page.I am rather disappointed with it all.It just isn't fair.

Another point,was a certain customer able to receive a 'goodwill' compensatory £10.00,where other customers with EXACTLY the same problems,did not 'qualify'.

So a note to anyone thinking about shopping at Debenhams online,be prepared for them to possibly mess it up.I've heard some people's orders have been cancelled without good reason,showing that they are selling items which they do not actually have.

Debenham stores have always been okay,so try to make it to one of these if possible - for a better experience all round.

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**FURTHER UPDATE** 10.42pm

Debenhams have cancelled the very item in my order which I thought had been resolved when I called this morning.Very very unimpressed by their service at this point.

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